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Jack's Realistic Penis - Erotic Shop

Product Code:ALS-154
  • 175.00TL

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Jack's Realistic Penis Product Features

Jack's realistic 20.5 cm penis with realistic texture, testicular and veined dildo
Can be mounted on flat and smooth surfaces thanks to powerful suction cup
This way you can use Jack's realistic penis hands free
Jack's realistic penis is made of first class material
Realistic penis made of skin-friendly material
A quality penis with realistic natural look
Jack's penis has realistic texture
Testicular and skin-colored
Easy to clean
Penis length 20.5 cm
Penis Thickness 4 cm

Jack's realistic dildo, double or motorized vibrator, anal vibrator, automatic sex machine, dildos, realistic penis, vibrating head penis, lesbian products, clitoris stimulating vibrator, penis sleeve, fork vibrator point stimulating vibrator, dildo double-headed vibrator, you can review the types of categories on our site and you can order online.

It is strongly recommended to clean the products with pure soap and water before and after use. It is recommended to use with water-based lubricant creams, silicone lubricant creams and condoms in order to avoid losing the natural structure and texture of the products. It should not be used with lubricants (lotion, petroleum jelly, baby oil etc.). Do not clean sex toys with alcohol or detergent.

As the Panther Erotic Shop, we show the necessary care about the privacy of our customers. Your orders are sent in a closed box according to the confidentiality principle and the content of which is not known. Company name and logo shall not be placed on the prepared cargoes. The contents are not understood by the cargo companies.We do not ship similar or different items when you place an order. The same product will be sent one to one. Our customers do not have to give an address, they can receive the order from the nearest shipping branch. You can get our sexual products safely at the door as a controlled package with credit card or cash payment. Advertising and order status messages are not sent to your phone and e-mail address for privacy reasons.Our Erotic Shop is in Eskisehir and you can come and shop at any time. Your billing and credit card filter does not include sexual content

Sex toys and products that are open to use (Dildo, Vibrator, Inflatable Mannequin, etc.) in terms of hygiene and health change and return is not made. We expect you to understand. Nobody wants to take and use the sexual product that someone else touches. We do not accept return of a significant portion of the sexual products you receive from our store in terms of hygiene. Products that are unpacked, untouched or which do not pose a problem in terms of hygienic safety are not subject to this restriction. Unpackaged and unused products are returned within 14 days under consumer protection law.

All of our sexual fantasy products in our store are under the guarantee of our company until they are delivered from the order and your orders are delivered to our customers in a complete and complete manner with the secret package secret shipping method.

You can send your suggestions, requests and orders about our erotic shop company to our e-mail address siparis@pantershop.com or to our phone number 0532 661 92 51.

Pantershop.com offers sex toys and sexual fantasy products to our customers cheaply. You can choose realistic penis models suitable for yourself or your partner from the categories in our erotic shop site and you can have more hot times with sex toys in your bedroom.

When buying sex toys, please choose the authorized Erotic Shop for your safety and health. pantershop.com is the right choice for buying erotic sexual products because our customer representatives working at Panther Erotic Shop have the necessary information about sexual products and you can find the product you need and find out all the technical details.


Jack's Realistic Penis

Jack's Realistic Penis

Jack's Realistic Penis

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